The Posting Rules have been revised to state clearly that TAIRA is for sharing objective information and not for discussion. (c.f. post # 11918 posted 8 Sept 2005).


TAIRA Mailing List Posting Rules

(last amended Oct 2007)

The aim of the TAIRA (Tsukuba Area International Residents' Association) mailing list is to provide a means for Tsukuba area residents to exchange useful information, primarily, in English. TAIRA is a large mailing list. Post only what will be necessary and useful to the 1000+ subscribers who receive the message in their private mailboxes. The following rules must be observed:

(1) The content must be relevant to a significant portion of the community, and must fall in one of the categories in (2). In particular, discussions of any kind including expression of views and opinions are outside the scope of the list. (This reflects our experience in the past where we learned that the diversity of backgrounds of people made it difficult to hold a meaningful discussion on the list, so that expressions of views and opinions too often resulted in altercations.)

(2) The messages sent to the list must display one of the following category codes (complete with square brackets) in the subject line.  This will help readers set up mail filters (see <> for more details) if necessary.  Messages without a valid category code will be rejected by the server.

(3) The identity of the poster must be indicated somewhere in the message (recommended practice).

(4) Only plain text messages are accepted (all attachement files will be dropped by the server).

(5) Commercial advertisements (this does not include temporary announcements such as sayonara sales) are not allowed as separate messages on the list. Commercial companies, as well as any other service relevant to the foreigners' community in Tsukuba, can advertise on the local services advertisement page, which can be found at <>. The content of this page will be regularly sent to the TAIRA list. Any TAIRA subscriber can place an advertisement by entering the text at <>. Commercial entities may still share time-limited information (see the Rules for Advertisers for details) with the community by sending a message to the list, but an extra keyword [ad] must be placed in the subject title as well as the name of the company. More details of the rules concerning commercial posts can be found at <>.

(6) Messages should not be sent more than once to the list, and should not repeat the content of another message previously posted to the list. A sales post can be repeated only if there is some significant change in the price or the list of items.

(7) Subscribers must respect others and avoid any behaviour contrary to the interests of the community.  TAIRA subscribers come from many different cultural, religious and philosophical backgrounds.  There is also a wide range of English proficiency.  Taira subscribers are requested to be tolerant.

(8) In the case of a technical problem, members should contact the list administrators and not send tests to the whole list.

(9) Email addresses that develop a technical problem and start generating error messages that bounce to the list server will be removed from the list by the administrator after attempting to contact the address at least once.

(10) The TAIRA Committee oversees the operation of the TAIRA mailing list. The Committee takes decisions aimed at ensuring effective operation of the list. This may include, if necessary, sanctions to members who do not abide by the rules or respect other subscribers.  Volunteers willing to join the committee are more than welcome. 


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