Rules applying to commercial bodies wanting to advertise on TAIRA

(Note: Temporary announcements such as sayonara sales must not be entered on the Advertisements Page.)
Advertisement of businesses (and also non-commercial organisations such as clubs) must be entered from <>. Only TAIRA subscribers who have been subscribed to TAIRA for more than a week will be able to place an advertisement. Each TAIRA member can place only one advertisement with a maximum length of 1000 characters in plain text format. All entries will be displayed on a permanent basis at the local services advertisements page, <>. To avoid favouring certain businesses, the ads are rearranged randomly in a different order each time the page is displayed. A digest of all entries will be sent automatically to TAIRA list at 5am on the 5th of each month with a special keyword [ad].

If a business organizes an event (i.e. something limited to a very short period of time, typically a few hours) or wants to announce an important change in its operation (new opening times, new menu, etc...) it can post an announcement to TAIRA with an appropriate classification code, but a special keyword [ad] must be added in the subject title to inform subscribers that it is a commercial announcement. Also, the name of the business must be shown in the subject title of the mail. Such posts must remain infrequent.

A few examples to help clarify the distinction between (A) and (B):
I) Guest appearance of a famous pop-star at a pub tonight: the announcement is in category (B)
II) Every Monday a pub will have an evening dedicated to a given style of music: the announcement is in category (A)
III) A business changes its opening times: the announcement of the change is in category (B), but further announcements of the new regular opening times will fall in category (A).