From: Tsuku Tokyo
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2018 02:22:16 +0000
Subject: (taira) [sale] items for sale

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I do selling the following items
1- small fridge 135L enough for (1-2)person 4000yen
2- Lp gas stove 5000 yen
3- city gas stove 5000 yen
4- closet drawers 2500 yen
5- vacuum cleaner 2500yen
6- kitchen rack 1500 yen
7- kitchen cabinet 3500 yen
8- iH rice cooker 5 cups 4000 yen
9- rice cooker 3 cups 1500 yen only cooking option 10- water boiler and
warmer 2500 yen
11- pc monitor 23insh no HD cable old type 2500yen
12- humidifier 3000yen
13- baby play pen 2000yen

All items are in good condition, photos upon request
Please feel free to ask

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