From: Taira Ad
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2018 17:38:16 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: (taira) [sale] Cleaning sale

Hi all,

I want to sell following items

1. Junk Refrigerator (Cooling function not work, you have to repair by your self, 6 doors, Capacity: 451L, Panasonic 2017): 10000 yen
2. Toshi (City) gas stove: 3000 yen
3. Toshi (City) gas stove small: 2000 yen
4. Ceiling light (florescent): 1000 yen
5. Ceiling light LED (with remote): 3000yen
6. Exercise stuff: 1000yen
7. Microwave: 1000yen
8.Grass cutting machine: 2500yen
9. metal ladder: 1000yen
10. Wooden bed: 5000yen
11. Yamaha piano (made in 1995, sound good, no earphone jack): 8000yen
12. tennis racket: 1000yen
13. Baby carrier: Free
14. Baby chair (Plastic, no covers): 500yen
15. LP gas heater(Rennai,working perfect, include long gas hose): 5000yen
16. Speaker: 2000yen
17. Head set: 1500yen
18. Vacuum cleaner: 2000yen
19. Metal book shelf: 1000yen
20. Snow tire chain: 1000yen
21. Coffee maker (Nespresso): 500yen


All are selling under first come first serve basis. 

Interested people please contact me tairaad @ yahoo . com


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