From: jeanne francaise
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2018 09:38:52 +0000
Subject: (taira) [sale] toys and households

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Dear tarians,

Happy new year to everyone.
I would like to sell some stuffs, which are new and cheap. Please contact
me if you are interested in one of them.

(1) air purifier, bought in 2017, 5years' guarantee, 5000yen.
(2) baby stroller, 15000yen, bought new, used for 1 year.
(3) baby shower: 500yen
(4) baby animals' toys: in total 1500yen
(4) Fan: 500yen
(5) nitori wardrobe: 1300 for one. There are two.

We still have lot of clothes for boys of 2~3years old, please contact me if
you are interested in.

Please check the photos by this link,



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