From: rushi chatori
Date: Wed, 6 Dec 2017 09:39:40 +0000 (UTC)
Subject: (taira) [sale] PRICE DOWN Honda Stepwagon Spada 140 000 yen

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Big great van, very good condition,Perfect mini camper with enough sleeping=
space for 2 persons,
Pictures :=C2=A0
2.0L gasoline 4WD,
Transmission AT,Year of manufacture 2003,Shaken until 2018/8/25,Odometer ap=
prox 164 000 km,Size 468*172*186 (length, width, height),
Front tires changed in August 2017,Oel + Oelfilter changed in February 2017=
7 seats, 2-3-2,The 2 last seats are butterfly seats combination (can be fol=
d to the side for bigger trunk,The last 5 seats can be fold down to a 1,4m =
* 2m bed (for example),
Electric sliding door,ETC card reader,Rear view camera,CD, minidisk, plug f=
or bluetooth receiver (AUX),
Lucie080 8916 3105
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