From: Tsu Kuba
Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2017 09:23:26 +0900
Subject: (taira) [sale] GREAT car for sale!

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Hello everyone,

I would like to sell my white-plate car. It is 2004 VW Golf Wagon 2.0
Freiheit Limited Edition. I must say that the car is both visually and
technically in excellent condition, with ONLY 56,000km on its odometer. I
am the 2nd owner; the previous owner bought it directly from VW dealership.
It is the most luxurious model, fully loaded, with the whole bunch of
safety features (ABS, ESP, disc-brakes X4, airbags X10). The car is a
reliable and fast automatic model, with robust, quite strong but economical
and =E2=80=9Cindestructible=E2=80=9D 2.0 (116 hp) gasoline engine. Also, it=
is extremely
spacious, durable, practical, and very safe =E2=80=93 an ideal choice for c=
with kids or small families. The car has been regularly maintained and
always taken care of; NEVER had any accidents (only some small parking
dents), smoke- and pet- FREE. Moreover, tires are high quality 16-inch,
all-season type, and like new, so no need for replacement. The car comes
with a full 2-year Shaken (Oct 2019), and both recycle fee and road tax
paid. Serious buyers ONLY, please!

Brand: Volkswagen

Model: Golf Wagon

Production Year: 2004

Displacement: 2000cc

Color: Metallic Blue

Mileage: 56,000km

Shaken: October 2019 (25 months)

Road Tax: Paid

Recycle Fee: Paid

Asking Price: JPY 230,000

The car=E2=80=99s photos can be seen over the following link:

For more details, feel free to contact me: tsukubito@***.***.com or by phone:

Thank you,


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