From: coniq siva
Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2017 18:43:17 +0900
Subject: (taira) [event] SWiT official account on LINE

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Dear Tairan,

We made SWiT =E3=81=A4=E3=81=8F=E3=81=B0=E3=81=A7=E5=9B=BD=E9=9A=9B=E4=BA=
=A4=E6=B5=81=E3=81=97=E3=82=88=E3=81=86official account on LINE.
We will upload SWiT official information there.
Please click the link or search "@qof2981h"=E3=82=92ID=EF=BC=88include @)

The Line group "SWiT Announcements" is only for announcements for
especially Tsukuba city information and upcoming events without SWiT.
Please not to chat or tweet at the group.
If you would like to send your Nonprofit or volunteer event
information,please feel free to send here.
Please do not send stamps and comments.
If you feel that you are getting too many notifications, you can switch off
my ones by going to the settings of this chat-room and switching
Notifications OFF.

The other one Line group "SWiT Update/Chat" group is use for members
communication and to keep in touch in real-time by your cell-phone on the
event day.
If you want to chat with someone, please use the group at any time!
You can do group chat, but DO NOT use Personally contact each other.

Not using 0 pm -8 am if it is not urgent on both Line groups.
Thank you for your co-operation.

Small World in Tsukuba (SWiT=EF=BC=89

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