From: amber Rudder
Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2017 15:44:01 +0900
Subject: (taira) [sale] Leaving sale

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Dear All,

As I will leave Tsukuba very soon, the flowing living items are on cheap
sale and available now, please check their pictures at the attachments
(1) A chair 500yen
(2) a small desk 500yen
(3) a kettle 500yen
(4) a folder bed with mood 500yen
(5) a folder bed (the second one) 1000yen
(6) a rifregator with two door 500yen
(7) a mooden shelf 500yen
(8) a quilt 500yen
Photos link:

Further amailbale items are : a washing machine, rice cooker, one more
kettle, city gas stove and a pan for cook.

all of them are in good condition
I'm sorry I can not provide trasnportation.
I'm living in =E3=81=A4=E3=81=8F=E3=81=B0=E5=B8=82=E5=8D=83=E7=8F=BE1=E4=B8=
=81=E7=9B=AE13=E7=95=AA=E5=9C=B02 =E3=83=8F=E3=82=A4=E3=83=84=E6=A0=97=E5=

The person who is interested in them, please feel free to contact me.
Email address is rudderamber@***.***.com

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