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Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2017 06:56:52 +0900
Subject: (taira) [info] Special Information Seminar: Health Services for Foreigners in Tsukuba

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Special Information Seminar

Health Services for Foreigners in Tsukuba

Date: July 18, 2017
Time: 10 a.m. =E2=80=93 12 noon
Venue: Building 8A Rm. 108 =EF=BC=88Master's Programs in Humanities and Soc=
Sciences A Building=EF=BC=89
Organized by Department of Student Affairs, Division of Student Exchange
Hosted by Global Commons and Cecilia=E2=80=99s Friends*
In cooperation with University Health Center
Language English

International students in Tsukuba often do not pay much attention to health
or medical problems. But if they (or a family member) happen to fall ill or
get injured in an accident, they find themselves having to navigate an
unfamiliar health system from scratch in order to seek medical assistance.
The University of Tsukuba Health Center provides some basic health
services, emergency first aid and various health consultations for
students. However, there have been cases among our students who were not
aware of their illness and fell into a critical condition from a lack of
understanding of these support systems. Through this special seminar for
international students and their families, representatives from
health-related offices of Tsukuba City Hall and from the University Health
Center will explain what health and medical services Tsukuba City provides
to its residents and how foreigners can avail of them.

=EF=BC=881=EF=BC=89=E2=80=9CThe Practical Way for Visiting Doctors, Health =
Check-ups for Young
Ms. Junko Onomura, Ms. Risa Edo, Health Promotion Division, Tsukuba City
=EF=BC=882=EF=BC=89=E2=80=9CHow National Health Insurance (NHI) works, and =
Health Check-ups=E2=80=9D
Mr. Takashi Hisaaki, Ms. Shigemi Ikehata, National Health Insurance
Division, Tsukuba City Hall
=EF=BC=883=EF=BC=89=E2=80=9CMedical Welfare System (Marufuku)=E2=80=9D
Mr. Hiroshi Hikino, Medical Welfare and Pension Division, Tsukuba City Hall
(4) =E2=80=9CSupporting Your Health=E2=80=9D
Tohru Sakamoto MD, PhD., Faculty of Medicine/University Health Center

* Cecilia=E2=80=99s Friends is an international group of former schoolmates=
friends of Cecilia Manoliu, a University of Tsukuba alumna who passed away
last May 6.

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