From: Tsukuba Taira
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2017 20:34:24 +0800
Subject: (taira) [sale] Free and sale Table fan, Air condition,Refrigerator,

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Dear Tairans,

We are selling used things details were as listed below and some of them

*List of things for sale *

1. Hitachi R-23DA (S) refrigerator 225L newly bought 50000 yen on 9/2014,
selling price 10000yen

2. Toshiba Washing machine 6L newly bought 33000 yen beginning of 2014,
selling price 5000 yen

3. Combi baby car seat for baby 0 age to 4 years (good design for babies
and Kids because it can use like flatbed and rotating option) can use,
newly bought 40000 yen on beginning of 2014, selling price 5000 yen

4. Combi Baby hanging bag for 0 to 3 years old newly bought beginning of
2014, selling price 3000 yen

5. Baby chair for six month to 7 years old newly bought in 2014 8000 yen
selling price 2000 yen ( good for feeding baby and study because have
foldable front cover and adjustable height and safety seat belt attached
for baby)

6. Double bed and double bed Mattress (including bed and mattress) selling
price 3000 yen

7. Daikin Air condition (capacity 6 tatami room) 7500yen (need to arrange
for uninstallation by buyer)

8. Kerosene heater and 18 litters can (some of kerosene left may be about
10 liter) all for 5000 yen

9. LP cooking gas stove 1000 yen

*List of things for free*

1. Table top wet grinder for free

2. Baby strollers for free (have two trolley both of them little old)

3. Wooden cupboard with big glass for free (for keeping dress and many
things and useful for makeup)

4 Table fan 3 numbers for free

5. TV stand (small table) for free

6. TV (Old Type) for free

7. Kids Car Seat (little bit old) for free

8. Chair (QTY.1) and stool (QTY. 2) for free

9. Bath tub for small baby for free

10. Single bed for free

11. Iron board for free

All the listed things can take any time from now on, except refrigerator,
washing machine, LP cooking gas stove, double bed and air-condition these
things will take on July second weak. Sorry to say that we can=E2=80=99t pr=
transportation. Selling price is negotiable if someone wants to buy two or
more things from selling list.

Contact email id: tsukubataira17@***.***.com


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